How Much do YOU Know About Danny Phantom?

off the top of your head, could you name the episode in which jazz finds out dannys powers? or that the device jack invents to cook hotdogs 10 times faster than a microwave? ( neither can we... he doesn't name it). but you should take our awesome quiz anyway! find out how much you really DO know.

danny pantom is cool, take a quiz to find out if you are cool... it will be rad! take the quiz! yep... you sure should... i dare say amy will come accross this quiz when reshearching dp... as always... HI AMY! you should get every anwser right or i will spalsh you with urine...

Created by: Dani of myspace
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  1. What is the ghost/space ship that jack inveted in "prisioners of love" called?
  2. what colour is sam's hair tie?
  3. how old was danny when his parents built a very strange machine, designed to veiw a world unseen?
  4. which is the right order of what came out of pandora's box on "boxed upped fury"?
  5. what is the ghost gabber?
  6. what does sam's bag look like in "infinate relms"?
  7. what colour are tucker's eyes?
  8. in what episode does jazz find out about danny's powers?
  9. what are some of the first ghost's danny fights?
  10. what does danny want to be when he grows up?
  11. in "infinate relms" what does vald say the trio are like?
  12. what does paulina have?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Danny Phantom?