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  • 90%; OH YEAH. :D

    BTRfreak Aug 11 '13, 11:22AM
  • Wow... Your quizzes keep going to the front page! AND HOW DARE YOU FORGET ANTHONY! Lol

    XxSophiacxX Nov 13 '12, 6:36AM
  • I love Dan he's funny cute and British and with those three qualities u make it big on YouTube just look at Charlieissocool number one most subscribe in the bloody uk then again he doesn't swear and he's boring now I hate people who don't make videos in months and just expect every thing to be fine and dandy anyway I noticed your obsession with emo hair and I can actually REALY relate to that this comment is getting too long bye I love mcr

    lovelifelive Sep 10 '12, 6:03PM
  • Yeah 90%

    Ming Ming Sep 3 '12, 9:53PM
  • urgh. I was scrolling around and I saw this quiz. I was like, who is Danisnotonfire. I checked out his videos. FREAKING AWESOME. And cute. Now I'm not bored xD And I swore I'd sleep earlier tonight...

    ivoryleaf Jul 9 '12, 1:15AM
  • Oh :P now I know nevermind

    musicdino Jul 8 '12, 11:48PM
  • *gasp* What about Anthony?

    musicdino Jul 8 '12, 11:47PM
  • Plus I wrote his name with heart on my arm with a sharpie... if I do that, it means I like you. Congrats Dan, you have won my heart... part of it anyway. Anthony has some of my heart, so does Ian... and then there's that little tiny piece of my heart that belongs to the guy from
    S(he's) Br(ok)en. (Yes, he's real. No one will ever know his true identity...)

    Firey_Soul Jul 8 '12, 11:46PM
  • j2lyk, Dan is my new crush. (I still like smosh, don't get me wrong.) But lately, I can't stop watching Dan's videos. I can't help it, he's sooo cuteeee!!!!! :D

    Firey_Soul Jul 8 '12, 11:41PM

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