How much do you know about Attack on Titan

This quiz are randomly from season 1,2 and 3. Since I just recently watched the season 3, I had a hard time understanding the story so I directly read the manga. Even if you are a fan, i know that some of you tends to forget small things and details in the anime.

But as you answer all this questions, I hope you will get a lot of correct answers! Being a fan is really hard since this anime is a complex one. There are many characters and there are many twist

Created by: Sam Conquer
  1. In season 3, Levi gave the titan fluid to this dying man and as he turned into a titan, he ate Bertholt and possessed the titan power of the colossus titan.
  2. Who posesses the titan power of the “Cart Titan”?
  3. Who is the half brother of Eren?
  4. How many titan powers do Eren possess?
  5. What episode in season 1 Eren tried to pick up the spoon on the ground but soon as he touched it, there was an explosion and surprisingly, his right hand was on its titan form.
  6. This titan ate Eren’s mother, Carla in the Shiganshina District on the very first episode. Who is this titan?
  7. Before knowing the owl of the Ledian restoration, known as the “Attack Titan”, Grisha Jaeger and his comrades were thrown out to Paradis, the owl finally showed his true form. Who is the owl?
  8. If the colossus titan is 60 m, Rod Reiss’ titan form is ?
  9. At the orphanage in Season 3, where Connie, Jean, Historia and Eren were there. But as Eren and Historia was talking and carrying stuffs, someone showed up behind their back getting Historia embarassed. Who showed up?
  10. What is the life span of a Titan shifter?

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