How much do you know about anorexia

This a quiz you can take about anorexia, you can take it before or after reading this web page to see how much you know before reading my website or how much you have learnt after going on my website.

So, do you think you know all about anorexia, that you could even be mistaken for an anorexic...or an amateur evaluating how much they know about anorexia, let's see as you take this fabulous quiz!!!

Created by: Vicky of this site
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  1. How many cases of anorexia end in death?
  2. Which of these are not symptoms of anorexia?
  3. How many anorexics fully recover?
  4. How many anorexics will never recover?
  5. How many anorexics are woman?
  6. What percentage of anorexics are 15-19 year olds?
  7. Which nutrient is used to increase appetite in the treatment of anorexia?
  8. In the diagnosis of anorexia nervosa, which of these are not considered to be a criteria?
  9. True or false, anorexics don't purge.
  10. True or false, anorexics tend to be hairier.

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about anorexia