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  • I'm an Alaskan, for the record. I didn't know 2/3 of the history questions, and also, 99% of Alaskans don't even call Mt. McKinley that. It's Denali, okay? Okay...

    I'm not impressed.

    • >:( ! I was born in Alaska, and have lived in Alaska my whole life. And it's not Mt. McKinely, it is D.E.N.A.L.I! It said that I don't think Alaska is part of the United States, but that is so wrong. Not happy.

  • I live in Alaska and we call mt McKinley Denali. Also, how am I supposed to know all the history questions? Just because I don't know them doesn't mean I don't live there. I obviously know that it's a part of the united states. these results are very very wrong. I was born in Alaska because my dad is in the military then we moved away and now we live there.

    • i know all of these because it is required in high school to take an alaska studies class, but i get that some people were probably homeschooled or forgot things from class. no one really pays attention in social studies anyway


  • Screw u im going home

  • haha i luv south park! EsmeCullen


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