How much do you know about 6teen

There are many smart people, book smart and stuff, but are you television smart? To find out, take this quiz now! It has questions all about the main characters and events in their lives. It's pretty awesome in my opinion. Please take it now! Now!Now!Now! Please and thank you! ! ! ! ! !

If you are a fan then you should take this test! It tests your knowledge of the show, to see if you were paying attention to it. It's very fun and it kind of makes you think. I hope you like it! And I wish you....Good Luck!Thank you again for taking it. Oh and if you got a bad score, PLEASE watch 6teen. It's awesome/

Created by: Miranda of mfin
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  1. What are the first names of the main characters in 6teen?
  2. Which person is in love with shopping?
  3. Which person can't keep a job for more than a day?
  4. Where was Nikki and Jonesy's first date
  5. Where does Jen work?
  6. Are Kirstin and Kristin related to Krissy?
  7. What is the people of the guy who is obsessed with StarWars?
  8. What is Jude's last name?
  9. When Jonesy first wanted to date Nikki, what did she think he wanted her to do?
  10. What does Jen's work uniform look like?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about 6teen