How much do you hate your crush

Hi there I was wondering what your thoughts are with the following user says thank you for your time and consideration in this email and any attachments are handled by the way to get the same as the one I had a good time

I have a great day and I will be a good time to get the same as the monkey business and the other day and I will be a good time to get the same as the one

Created by: StickyNotes

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  1. Do you hate him/her
  2. Did someone ask them if they like you and your crush said eeeewwww no way
  3. Are they a boy or girl
  4. Did you ask them out and if so what did they say
  5. Do you flirt with them
  6. How many questions are left
  7. Is he Ronald?
  8. Are you bored
  9. Well almost done
  10. Last question

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Quiz topic: How much do I hate my crush