Do you have a crush?

A lot of people love each other, but do YOU have a crush? This quiz will tell you. It's not a definite answer, but pretty reliable. This will tell you what is going on in your love life.

Even if your friends are sure they have crushes, and you really don't know, this quiz will narrow it out for you. The results range from hate to total love. Have fun!

Created by: spider89

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  1. Do you hang out with a boy/girl then can't get them off your mind the next day?
  2. Have you ever kissed your crush?
  3. Have you asked your crush if they like you?
  4. Did they say yes?
  5. Have you ever wished to kiss a boy/girl?
  6. Have you ever hugged a boy?
  7. Do you want to hang out with boys/girls?
  8. Have you ever had a romantic moment? Kissing, watching a horror movie, sitting by a window watching the rain, etc.
  9. Do you miss a boy/girl if they are away for a while?
  10. Have you ever cried a lot because of something a boy/girl said?

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Quiz topic: Do I have a crush?