How much do you gossip?

A lot of people gossip every once in a while, but rarely anyone gossips 24/7. What is a gossipy person? Someone who spills screts a lot. The only question is will you find out how gossipy you are?

Are YOU the kind of person who gossips for the fun of it? Only at emergencies? Never? Take this quiz to find out if you are a true gossiper. In a few minutes you'll know!

Created by: Charlotte
  1. When your BFF tells your her crush you...
  2. Your freinimy tells your crush you like him. You:
  3. Your favorite shows are:
  4. You like magizines that have a lot of:
  5. Your older bro put a pic of you as baby on Facebook. You:
  6. Your favorite color is:
  7. You like to wear:
  8. You were just going shopping with your BFF and she bought an ugly brown sweater. You:
  9. When your emmbaressed you:
  10. Your BFF spilled your major secret. You:

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Quiz topic: How much do I gossip?