How Much Do You Europe?

Europe the second smallest continent in the world only bigger than Australia. But Europe is the most amazing continent. After all the two world wars started here etc.

Do you know anything about Europe? Not sure take this quiz and find out. If you score high that's great you know Europe like the back of your hand if not do some research and find out more.

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  1. How big is Europe?
  2. On how many regions is Europe divided?
  3. What sea is the biggest sea in Europe?
  4. What is the highest peak in Europe?
  5. What is the biggest river in Europe?
  6. What country is the most densely populated in Europe?
  7. What city has the most people in it in Europe?(2002)
  8. What region is the biggest in Europe?
  9. What is the biggest country in south Europe?
  10. How many active volcanoes are in south Europe?
  11. How many countries are there in west Europe.
  12. Which country is the biggest in west Europe?
  13. How many countries are there in north Europe?
  14. What country is the smallest in north Europe?
  15. What country on north Europe has the most fjords in Europe?
  16. How many countries are there in central Europe?
  17. Which is the second biggest country in central Europe?
  18. What is the capital city of Hungary?
  19. What is biggest country in east Europe?(Easy isn't it)
  20. What is the capital city of Belarus?
  21. Final question. How much do you know about Europe?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Europe?