Do you know your Europe?

Europe is the worlds richest continent. Test your smarts to see if you can best the knowledge of this lands history and forth. This consists of problems you may tear your hair out on.

I encourage you not to look up the answers on the quiz or else the LEGITAMASTER will be gravely disappointed in you. Send me how much hair you pulled out of your brain.

Created by: chris
  1. What is the most densely populated country?
  2. Which of the countries was a member of the Reconquista?
  3. What city nicknamed, "The Golden Apple," was the site of a famous battle between the Ottoman Empire and Christians?
  4. What was the name of the 8 Christian military expeditions in the middle ages?
  5. Name a place in Ireland that can be made fun of for describing a poem?
  6. Name one of the two small countries surrounded by Italy.
  7. The city of New York was named after the settlement York in which country?
  8. The 100 years war was between which two countries?
  9. Which Pope stated, "Let those who fought brothers and relatives, now rightfully fight barbarians!"?
  10. Who led the Normans to conquer what we know as England?
  11. This country descended from the Vikings, "YARRRR!" and now make world renowned pastries?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my Europe?