How much do yhu

There are quite alot of mindless behavior fans so this quiz is basiclly for them but a mindless behavior fan is someone who cares enough to take this quiz

(Are you a MINDLESS BEHAVIOR fan??????) Well now you can find out just take my quiz i gurantee you will figure out if you are or if you arent but i know i am

Created by: Cece

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  1. Who is yhur fav person in mindless behavior
  2. If yhur fav is princeton whats his real name
  3. Who is the head of the group
  4. If prodigy asked yhuu to come on stage nd dance would yhuu
  5. Would yhuu choose Mb over justin b.
  6. Who is better
  7. Which song is beasty
  8. Who would yhuu date
  9. Did yhuu like this quiz tell me give me yhur opinion i aint hatin
  10. Is mb awesome

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