Smart peopl they do their music and they cut got swagg all that sfuff,talking about MINDLESS BEHAVIOR soo for those say they are MINDLESS come and take the quiz

IF you got brains like a MINDLEsS fan you know their music and thei like well you should not hesitate just take the quiz and show us how mindless you aRe!

Created by: sam-sammi

  1. Who they opened for on tour?
  2. Roc royal favorite acessories to wear?
  3. Who have "MB" written on his head?
  4. Princeton favorite food?
  5. Roc royal's real name?
  6. Who likes girls with dimples?
  7. Lyrics from wich song"I'm only 16 that means its show time,when I'm aint with her,I'm all mine"
  8. Who like to say this quote"Spread the peace"?
  9. Who bought the boys Ipods ??
  10. Princeton's moms name?

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Quiz topic: HoW MINDLESS am I???