How much did you do in your life?

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In this quiz eleven questions are waiting for you. You can answer with either "Yes" or "No". You will find out about your life and yourself. What adventures have you been trough and which are still waiting for you?

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Created by: Clarke
  1. Did you jump out of a window? (First floor counts)
  2. Did you stay up until 4 in the morning?
  3. Did you run away from home?
  4. Did you read "Lord of the Rings"?
  5. Did you faint?
  6. Did you ever hug (maybe kiss) a boy? (Family doesnt count)
  7. Did you participate in a "say yes challenge"? (Somebody asks you a question like "go and hug the next person you see" and if you dont say yes and do it youre out)
  8. Did you be acused of stealing?
  9. Did you be acused of having a crush on someone?
  10. Did you go into a store without money?
  11. Did you make cupcakes? (Muffins dont count)

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Quiz topic: How much did you do in my life?