metal heads need to know how heavy they are, so now you can figure out if you have the chops to be a true metal head. Just take the test, and see if you are a true metal head!

Are you metal enough to be considerd a true metal head. Take the quiz find out how metal you truely are. Maybe your a poser, or maybe you are really a metal head.

Created by: marshon of houstonmetalhead
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What state is PANTERA from?
  2. Witch band is not metal?
  3. Name the singer of Black Sabbath after ozzy.
  4. you hate?
  5. Are you in a band?
  6. your mom?
  7. heavy metal is
  8. you wake up the first thing you think about is?
  9. you like?
  10. Iron Maidens singer Bruce is from
  11. what do you look 4 in a significant other?

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