How mature am I?

Do you ever wonder if you are immature? Take this test to find out! Some answers will be weird like... A little bit immature, almost immature, etc. Have fun!

Do YOU ever wonder what people think about you? Are you mature or immature? Take this test to find out! In a few minutes, you will find out if you are mature or immature.

Created by: IHATElipgloss

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  1. ahkdnaklhryeijwhk
  2. What time do you do your homework?
  3. How do you react when someone says something inappropriate?
  4. When someone is mean to another person... You
  5. How often do you lie? (In a month)
  6. When you get in detention, how do you behave?
  7. How do you eat spoon foods? (Cereal, soup, rice, etc.)
  8. Do you invade personal space?
  9. Do you email any bad pictures?
  10. Do people call you immature?

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