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  • Bentley, Graham, and Haley

    You will have 3 children. Bentley will be the oldest, and he will be interested in sports, specifically soccer and basketball. He will be a ladies man. Graham will be the next child, and he will be a sweet heart. He will be interested in music and very smart. Haley will be the baby girl, and she will be the princess. She will be involved in dance and singing.

    I'd rather have 3 kids; twin girls and 1 boy. If I were to have it my way, I'd name one of my girls Eden (like the Garden of Eden that God made that was "perfect") and the other girl Madison (I like that name), and the boy would be... undecided... Eden would have black or blonde hair and hazel eyes, and Madison would have dark brown hair and green eyes. I'd color my hair red... I like red hair...

  • How many kids will you have? And more...
    Your Result: Lauren and Thomas

    You will have a little girl named Lauren and a little boy named Thomas. They will love each other very much and get along well. Lauren will be older and protective of her little brother. She will love to sing and play sports, specifically softball or volleyball. Thomas will be interested in running track or swimming. They will both have many friends and keep a close relationship with family.

  • You will have three little boys named Conner, Caleb and Collin. Conner will be the oldest, interested in sports and girls. He will play football and be a ladies man. Caleb will be the middle boy, interested in creating new things and playing baseball. He will be inventive and creative. Collin will be the baby boy, very sweet and kind hearted. He will be interested in music and have lots of friends.

  • I got Bentley graham and Haley not the best choice of names I like fact I got three but I'd rather have two girls not one and they'd be the oldest their names would be Kayleighn Brooke , Ella Kate , and Charlie Blake

  • I got Lauren and Thomas. I personally think ,me and my friend, we think that Lauren is a good goys name. SO I would name my son Lauren and my daughter Leah or Linnie

  • Wow, i got the name Micah. Don't really care for the name but it sounds just like me! I want one son and i love the guitar, and i don't like school but i am well behaved. Well, at least i THINK i am...

  • 3 children is fine. i wish i had more girls though. if i had only 1 daughter though (in this case Hailey) i would treat her like a princess partly cause she'd be my only one. i like that she would be into singing.

  • I got Micah. Pretty much how I'd want a kid to be, but a little less mannered. And a different name. Good quiz though.

  • This is ridiculous. Honestly, the worst questions I've ever had to answered.

  • This quiz is great! I got the four kids... I forgot their names. LOL.

    Ten stars! You should really make more.

  • Conner, Caleb and Collin.

    Well, those names are pretty nice. =) Great quiz and cute pic. ^_^

    I like music
  • i hated it

  • wow...its a shock,its the first test to say that ima have only two girls...ive took WAY more tests and they ALL said i was going to have girl triplets.ive even had a hand check!

  • Just got 2 words 2 say 'nice quiz'

  • i got emily and riley my name is emily and my personality is a blend of the 2

  • this quiz gets a 10/10 thank you for making it :)

  • Yay I get one son named Micah. I don't want the name. But I only want one son.


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