How Mainer are you?

There are many people out there, but how many of us are truly mainers? Have you ever climbed to the peeks of Katahdin? Or tasted the salt of OB? take this quiz and find out just how "Mainer" are you.

Are you a true Mainer??? Take the quiz and find out! See if you will get a 100% score!

Created by: Jen
  1. What is "Irving"?
  2. What is "the pit"?
  3. What is Caribou?
  4. What is an "Italian"?
  5. Who is "Uncle Henry"?
  6. What is "Moose Tracks"?
  7. What is the proper use for the word "wicked"?
  8. What is "salt damage"?
  9. How far do you need to drive to get to a "real mall"? (Walmart doesn't count).
  10. What's the outside Temperature when you turn on your heat?
  11. At what temperature do you turn on the A.C.?

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Quiz topic: How Mainer am I?