how mainahhh can ya get bub!

MAINE ROCKS! we all know everyone secretly wishes they could be as cool as the rest of us mainers but we know they really aint. but what kinda mainer are you?

are you a real hot doggin mainer! i mean dang you think you can handle that sorta responsiblitly? if thats how you spell it. well give it a shot if you do good we'll see youa t suppah

Created by: amandajoe

  1. when the first snow drops whats the first thing you and your buddies do
  2. how do you know when you got "a little bung on"
  3. on the weekends you either...
  4. when somethin in the town changes your father syas...
  5. what do you look forward to in the fall?
  6. when one of your cars starts to die..
  7. which one of these words do you NOT use on a regular basis
  8. you call your father..
  9. youve lived in maine...
  10. your favorite peice of clothing is..
  11. you are gunna leave maine..
  12. you wear your longgatchies...
  13. you drive a...
  14. you HATE...

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