How long would you survive Jason Voorhees

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So when you took this quiz did you feel like you were part of the quiz like when you died and killed all of your family member sip hope your happy.

Do you have what it takes to survive one of the most powerful killers ever. You have a 50/51percent chance. Good luck I believe in you. I love you have

Created by: Zack

  1. You and some of your friends go camping and you see a cabin what do you do
  2. Your friends decide to stay you find corpses
  3. Your friends start to die what do you do
  4. You run to a shack and find weapons what do you choose
  5. You got stabbed in the leg what do you do
  6. You go to the cabin you find your dead friends
  7. Jason finds you what do you do
  8. Last question you get away
  9. I need to fill up space so this dosent matter
  10. Final question doesn't affect you

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