Wings of Fire Horror: Pumpkin's View

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Hi! I'm Pumpkin&Spice! This is my "Happy Halloween" horror story so... Happy Halloween! I intentionally made it hard to live so if you die, don't feel bad!

You have 3 possible endings: Die, Live, or Missing. This is Pumpkin's point of view so, enjoy! Comment if you lived or died, I'm really curious. Now I'm filling up space.

Created by: Pumpkin&Spice

  1. Your friends decide they are going to spend Halloween in a haunted abandoned house. They ask you if you want to go, do you say yes or no?
  2. Too bad, they force you to come anyways, threatening they won't be your friend if you don't.
  3. Time skip. It's Halloween night. You and your friends are about 1 mile from the house at an abandoned campsite. You start walking towards the house and the one friend that didn't pressure you, Spice, drops in beside you. A fast wind picks up.
  4. You make it into the house and you see a shadow move. Your friends want to investigate.
  5. Question: Do you believe in ghosts?
  6. You're friends decide to split up.
  7. While waiting for the other group to investigate the shadow, you hear a scream.
  8. If investigate: You grab Spice and drag her to help you investigate. You find a bloody message saying "Choose wisely" and your dead friend is below it.
  9. If stay: You hear a piercing noise, like metal, is being carved into the tile. A second later, it becomes really cold and the thing stabs your friend, Spice.
  10. If you left: You made a break for the exit but the doors slam closed. Whatever happens next is up to your imagination.

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