How long would you survive a zombie outbreak?

Many people say they are prepared for a zombie apocalypse... but are YOU? Do you have the skill, will and chill to survive for years, or would you die within a week?

Answer as best you can, and find out if you are a zombie hunter or a total blunder. Make sure to consider everything you'll need, and remember... don't head to a low-budget zombie movie for answers!

Created by: Evelyn
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  1. Which of these is the best weapon to use against 1 or 2 zombies?
  2. Which of these is best against a horde of zombies?
  3. Which of these would be the best place to set up a permanent camp?
  4. How many people should you have in your group?
  5. You come across an abandoned diner. How much food do you loot?
  6. Which of these places should you try to loot?
  7. What is most important?
  8. What will kill a zombie the most effectively?
  9. You see a horde of zombies attacking a fellow party member. What do you do?
  10. Do you think you would survive an outbreak?

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