Zombie Outbreak:Survival Plan

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Its short but you will definitely know what to do and the things you need to have in an outbreak,but remember life is too important to me and to you you should know how to defend it

Are you a person who is desire is too prepper for the worst if yes then take my quiz now im sure after this you will feel great about yourself and feel more confident if an outbreak happened

Created by: Joshua Castillo

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  1. Do you have a stable food supply?
  2. Do you have an efficient water supply?
  3. Do your family have a Bunker,If you do have one is it full of supply:guns,water,food,etc.
  4. How many able persons in your family,friends.etc
  5. Where do you live
  6. Do you have Fired a gun before?
  7. How many guns you own?
  8. Do you have a Intelligence on combat training
  9. what blunt weapons are you going to have in your bunker?
  10. Do you have Military equipments like:helmats,kevlars,knives,etc
  12. are you physically fit
  13. Do you want a Zombie outbreak happen

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