How likely are you to turn evil?

There are many who want to think they are evil, Some who really truly think they are evil, But a few dreaded people who truly are Evil! Are you one of these few spine-chilling villains? I hope not!

Take my quiz.. How likely is it that you be evil in your near future? Taken over any worlds lately? Stolen any chocolate stores yet? Are you simply a disaster waiting to happen?

Created by: Page
  1. Are you into books about evil shadow creatures?
  2. Do you like goth stuff?
  3. Have you ever broken the law?
  4. When you were a kid, did you steal candy or other stuff from the cabinet?
  5. Who do you hang with?
  6. Have you ever day dreamed about evil?
  7. Do your eyes and heart fill with pure hatred every time someone is mean to you?
  8. Last question, have you ever plotted against your friend?
  9. this has no affect, how many stars do you give this quiz?
  10. Bye!

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Quiz topic: How likely am I to turn evil?