How Evil Are You?

In the world we know today, evil-ness is part of everyone. This quiz is designed to show you how much evil you have accumulated. I made it because I'm in am evil mood today, and I was also very bored. Yay boredom. Yeah I took a 7 Deadly Sins quiz, and I got wrath. Which got me to thinking that I guess I'm more evil than I thought. The result scared my friends, and they were all like "Yeah wrath is SO totally you." And, I'm just writing about that because it has to be this long and they got mad at me for telling you.... I hope this is OK then because I have NOTHING else to say. AT ALL. Im actually getting kinda pissed about the whole thing. Everything has to be freakishly LONG here! GAWD!

Exactly how evil do you THINK you are? Check to find out and see if you really know yourself.......Ok and now I need to fill up space....and I can't mention how many letters I need because that is UNACCEPTABLE! Jeez this place is like a communist government, y'know? It's like "Hey. You. You gotta write this much and not about this or else you can't publish this quiz! Ha ha ha. We foiled all chance of escape!"

Created by: Bry
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  1. Have you ever hurt someone badly on purpose?
  2. Have you ever thought up an elaborate, detailed way to hurt someone?
  3. How often do you curse something and MEAN it?
  4. Have you ever stolen anything?
  5. Do you do Random Acts of Kindness?
  6. What kind of crowd do you hang out with?
  7. Do you or would you ever wear 'goth' or 'emo' stuff because it matches your mood?
  8. How many people, about, do you hate?
  9. Do you watch gory, violent movies because you wish you could do that to people?
  10. What kind of expectations do you have for yourself concerning anger and hatred?

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Quiz topic: How Evil am I?