How Evil Are You???

Am I evil, For having these thoughts in my head.? Am I evil, For thinking things of dread? Am I evil, For not believing what you do? Am I evil, For ripping people in two? Am I evil, For simply speaking my mind? Am I evil, For leaving you behind? Am I evil, For trying to do things right? Am I evil, For giving you a fright? Am I evil, For leaving you alone in life? Am I evil, For not wanting to be your wife? Am I evil, For doing the things I do? Am I evil, Hang on, why am I asking you? By Rachel Brewer

Evil on a night like this Evil tasting like a twisted wish Evil paralized upon the ground Evil tates the tears of fear Evil tainted sounds of cheer Evil dripping down; your blood of hate Evil tearing down your helpless fate Evil swears that by the night's end Evil won't say it was all pretend Evil because Death will follow you Evil until full content Evil pleasured to full extent By Elana Helms

Created by: Skylar1231
  1. How do you feel about babies and small children?
  2. How do you feel about world domination?
  3. My pet of choice is
  4. I look
  5. I love the smell of
  6. My home planet is
  7. How would you feel if I said that everything on earth would die in 5 minutes?
  8. 97X33333333
  9. Your perfect day includes
  10. My faveourite store at the mall is

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Quiz topic: How Evil am I???