How Evil Are You?

Lots of people find themselves to be super spitevul and vicious. Others think they are just another little angel lurking about on the streets. Others, like perhaps you, aren't quite sure.

So, I think that YOU, yes, YOU should figure it out by doing this cool quiz! It's just 12 meezly questionS, so within minutes, you'll find out just how kind or evil you are! And no, this won't help you succeed in life at all! =D So try it now!

Created by: Sophia

  1. You are walking accross the street and an old woman drops her groceries. What do you do?
  2. You find out that your boyfriend/girlfriend has been hanging around with other people. How do you react?
  3. You one day have a flash back of your old time bully. As you walk home from school/work, you see them. What do you do?
  4. You're grounded for two months for beating up your little sister again. You then have a sudden urge to hurt someone when you spot a helpless kitten by your feet. What do you do?
  5. Some kid embarrasses you in front of a whole crowd of people, including a girl/guy that really like. You:
  6. You're a bum, roaming in the streets. You come back to your bench when you see a pigeon nibbling on your cereal. You:
  7. You're one of the richest people in your country. One day, a homeless person tells you: 'Excuse me, sir/ma'am, may you spare me a dime or dollar or two?' You:
  8. It's your birthday. Everything is going well, until your mother hands you your present. It's some wack old kid toy, and you're very upset. You:
  9. As you're walking home from grocery shopping, an old man stops you. He nervously smiles and says, "Oh, I'm sorry! I thought you were my old hag of a wife!"
  10. Was this quiz funny to you? Or enjoyable?

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