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  • I can't believe it. I probably got lower than all of you. I got a 7% or lower in the quiz. The quiz told me that life is short and I only care about myself. This might explain why I never even had a single friend in my life before. This also might explain why some of my family members don't really even love me that much. Including my own brother and sister. I am also surprised because all of my relatives except for my siblings say that I am super duper cute. If this quiz is actually right, they might have been just trying to make myself feel good by secretly lying to me. This quiz might not even be so accurate after all.

  • 47% Well actually I am pretty likable, it's just that I'm really misunderstood and most people don't want to be seen with a dorky emo like myself. (You're probably thinking 'Dorky emo?' But trust me, it's possible. I'm a dork who looks like an emo. xD)

  • I received 73% likable! That's pretty awesome~

    "Damn, that's good! You know who you are and what you like. You know yourself and others like that about you. You are pretty likable, I'd say. (:"

    Very happy with this result and this quiz! Great job! :D

  • 15% I'm not surprised, I'm that quiet kid that doesn't talk much and only have a couple ppl that would actually consider me being their friend, to be honest, I don't have much in this world, and especially don't really have anyone...

  • 39% i might agree to that because i prefer 41% lol jk

    i know how firey soul feels even though im not one of those. now im just not knowing what im saying. people misunderstood me and keep teasing me. im starting to think no one knows me and everyone hates me. I know im weird and random (cuz i get that a lot)and a lot of people calls me pretty or cute (im not believing it)but i dont think i am. Im thinking that the only person who understands me is me. But 2 people i knew actually cheered me up and get out of that stage. but now that its vacation.i cant get to see them and since still thinking im a loner. I KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE DIDNT UNDERSTAND SOME THINGS I JUST SAID CUZ ME TOO LOL JK. I JUST TYPED STUFF THAT I DONT KNOW. ITS LIKE MY FINGERS TYPING STUFF BBY ITSELF. BTW, I THINK MEH PSYCHIC ;) WOW ITS SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

  • I got a 4% News flash nobody cares thanks for the compliment that totally made me feel better about myself thanks quiz

  • 12% likable. I don't really care about myself I care about others more but whatever.

  • I started crying

  • i am 33% likable! sounds pretty accurate tho, lol

  • 68% likable

  • 57% likable...hmm...I'm watching you

  • 47% omg if my crush asked me out I wud absolutely freak out! XD

  • I got 73% but I still dont get why like really

    Golden retriever
  • 9% Lol
    what a f---ed up quiz


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