How irritating are you?

We all hate someone, and we all know of a few traits that just piss us off, but how well do we pick up on these traits in ourselves? Now you can know for sure.

Do a lot of people honk their horns at you in traffic? Do you hear people in the supermarket muttering under their breath when stuck behind you? Maybe you're just irritating, and maybe this quiz will let you gauge just how bad it is. Now take my quiz.

Created by: Matt S

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  1. Do you like to tell others your problems?
  2. Do you drive at the speed limit?
  3. Do you assume that others owe you respect beyond what you give them?
  4. How do you walk through a supermarket?
  5. Do you festoon your car's bumper with stickers, detailing in-depth your feelings on nearly every subject there is?
  6. Once again, at the store, do you...
  7. Driving, again. Are you the kind of person that makes most other humans wonder about cell phones in cars? What I mean is, do you get on your phone, swerve, cross the line, go through lights and signs, and generally pay attention to the phone only?
  8. Now, let's pretend that you're a pedestrian, do you...
  9. Do you truly believe that the government is out to get you because you know the truth, and they don't want it to get out?
  10. Are you especially attractive, to the point that it has stunted your growth in every way other than physical?

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Quiz topic: How irritating am I?