How intelligent are you?

There are people in the world you could call smart, but are they really? Smart and intelligent are two highly different words. Smart: You know things. Intelligent: You learn, know things quickly, and can solve brain-wracking puzzles.

Have you ever been called "smart" and wondered if you really are? Most likely. The qualification challenge to earn that name intelligent is tricky, but if you are a true intelligent person, you can do this 10-question quiz.

Created by: Someone

  1. First, choose a smiley.
  2. Pick one.
  3. Say "the alphabet".
  4. I have three apples. I take one. How many do I have?
  5. If you get this, you are seriously intelligent or a lucky guesser. The question: Choose one wisely.
  6. Pi is?
  7. If I dig a hole five meters long and five meters wide, how much dirt is in it?
  8. 8 sideways is what?
  9. @ means:
  10. Expand 9 (3+5x)

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Quiz topic: How intelligent am I?