How insane are you?

Don't take this quiz seriously, there are some serious freaks out there... This is in the joking matter... so... don't cry... but... Insanity comes by degrees. A true insane person will do anything for fun, reguardless how much it hurts themselves or other people. Some people might like to watch it happen and some might want to follow the example of the truly insane. Others just want to help.

But what are you? Are you the type of person that's wasting their time taking this quiz or are you the type of person that wasting there time doing crazy things? Wanna check? Check out the quiz and get a taste.

Created by: Elisabeth
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  1. Have you ever or thought of ever cliff diving or jumping off a cliff
  2. Have you ever wanted to kill yourself?
  3. Have you ever cut yourself for the pleasure and/or because you were miserable?
  4. Do you find pleasure in annoying/playing pranks on people you don't know? [ex. prank calls, stalking, asking stupid questions, talking to someone you donno in a movie, telling racest/religious jokes to random people etc.]
  5. If you saw a friend in danger, you would:
  6. So you see a crime be comitted and there were a few people that were around in that area when it was happening. The criminal runs off and hides somewhere and no one was really paying attention but you. So the cops come and start taking a person away. Y
  7. Do you do any drugs? (except for the medication the doctore gives you unless you, purposely, overdose.)
  8. 3+4+7=
  9. J.Lo and Beyonce Koles are;
  10. Jason (the hockey mask dude in Friday the 13th) is:
  11. If you had to choose between you're best friend and you're bf/gf/spouse, who would you choose?

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Quiz topic: How insane am I?