How Insane Are You

Do you wonder if you're out of your right mind? do you think you have issues with self control? In other words do you think youre completely INSANE? (well i do haha jk or am i you dont know do you? well try not to loose any sleep over this now)

If So this will help you find out. But I would like to issue a disclaimer. If this quiz reveals you are in any way insane dont take it personally. I am what you call a wannabe expert so i have no idea what im talking about. So if you end up as a nutjob according to this but you dont seem like it otherwise then your not. Its just a quiz... jeez

Created by: danny
  1. Have You ever badly hurt someone but didnt really want to, just completely lost it and the fists started to fly?
  2. Do you have a tendency to hurt yourself when angry by punching hard objects or ramming your body into things etc etc?
  3. Have You ever killed someone or wanted to kill someone
  4. Do people tell you you did something that you have no recollection of doing even though you were fully concious?
  5. Do You Like Burning Things for no reason?
  6. Do you like the taste of Blood
  7. do you like to bite people?
  8. Do you do stupid things that put you in danger just for fun?
  9. What is your idea of fun?
  10. Are There Holes in the walls of your house from you?

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Quiz topic: How Insane am I