how criminally insane are you?

welcome to thwe criminally insane test. remember if you are as insane as it says you are then stay away from me.LOL ah we have fun don't you think? so...then...

this quiz is for fun only, be insane at own risk. and don't kill me nothing...just don't kill me LOL don't you just love to say Lol ah good times good times.

Created by: Tom
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  1. if a dog bites you what do you do?
  2. you p*ss your pants what do you do?
  3. you're liitle sibling annoys you what to do...what do do?
  4. loser says what?
  5. your favourite food is!
  6. I have a gun what do you do?
  7. look behind you!
  8. look a ducky!
  9. i say lololololololol you say...
  10. red monkeys!

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Quiz topic: How criminally insane am I?