How hydrophobic are you?

Weeeeee! Take this quiz to see if you're hydrophobic! By the way, hydrophobic means afraid of water... Just to let you know because some people do'nt know what that means.

Are you hydrophobic? Take this quiz to find out! And now for the character l.i.m.i.t... Do you like pie? I love pie... Lol sry it's the character l.i.m.i.t. and if i don't make "limit" like that they'll say something

Created by: Dark Kitty

  1. Are you scared at the sight of deep water?
  2. Ooo the high dive! Everyone's going on it!
  3. WOWZ! Your mom got your older brother tickets to Drowning Pool! Do you wanna come?
  4. You're a potato. Do you get watered regularly?
  5. You're largest fear?
  6. Chealsea says, "What? Why don't you want to go swimming?"
  7. Do you like taking showers?
  9. Did you like this quiz?
  10. Are you glad it's over?

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Quiz topic: How hydrophobic am I?