Introverted or Extroverted?

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In this world, there are people that are Introverted and Extroverted. Introvert means the person often being lonely and extrovert means the different way. But among of them, there are Ambiverted which like a 'mixture' between Introverts and Extroverts.

Which one are you? Introverted or Extroverted? Since this test can't detect Ambiverted, I add Ambiverted result which will be at 50% result. If your results of Introverted or Extroverted is 50-55%, it means you're ambiverted. Now, before going too far, let's try this!

Created by: Matmail

  1. Do you like being lonely?
  2. Do you often go to parties?
  3. To the mall or to the library?
  4. Do you do karaoke with friends or by yourself (including family)?
  5. How many hours do you sleep everyday?
  6. Can you speak fluently and well infront of lots of people?
  7. Do you like to research new things you'd never learn before?
  8. Do you work inside a building or outside?
  9. Do you often play gadgets, handphones, smartphones, and anything similar?
  10. Do you often do sports?
  11. Do you join clubs?
  12. Can you concentrate on your works if it's noisy?
  13. Do you often become shy?
  14. Do you often become nervous?
  15. Are you being called smart by your friends?
  16. You are being called to go onto a podium. What will you do?
  17. Like being artist or book-writer?
  18. Are you a thinker?

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