How Everything Ends...

So this is how this works: ** means what you or other people are thinking. "" means what you or other people are saying. You are the main character.

Your name is Josephine(you prefer Jose) You have brown hair and hazel-green eyes. You do not have your powers so far and a secretly worried you will never get them.

Created by: purplevoilet54
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  1. Here is the scoop: Your name is Josephine(You prefer Jose). You live in a world where when everyone turns about 17 you get a 'power' they are small things like Earth: being able to make plants grow a little better. Fire: being able to light small fire easily. Ice: Cools things of faster. Water: Makes thing a little damp. Air: Can make small blesses in a small space. So in other words these are small and are kind of stupid. You are 17 and havn't gotten your powers yet. You now go to a school with the rest of your friends that helps you with your powers a little, but is other wise like regular school.
  2. You groggily walk to school and when you get there you walk to the gym for the first day assembly. There your best friends Kate and Madi wave to you and you walk over to join them. The headmistress start to talk about how this school year was going to be great and we weren't allowed to use our powers outside of Harnesting class.
  3. Great you think just another reminder that you don't have your powers yet. Later at lunch you friends once again becon you over to sit with them. You smile and roll you eyes then walk over to sit with them, but you run into someone and both you and your lunch fall to the ground.
  4. You let out a small moan and scramble to you feet. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" A boy with silver-grey hair and blue-green eyes apologizes. "No it was really my fault" you say then add without thinking. "My name is Josephine." He laughs and replies."My name is Deven." You blush pick up your lunch box and run over to your friends.
  5. Your friends are talking what they did over the summer and laughing. You smile to yourself thinking about Deven and when lunch is over you head for harnessing class. When you get there you see Deven is in your class along with a couple of other people you know from last year. Armon, who has sandy blond hair and brown eyes, and Tessa, Black hair and light blue eyes, were some of the people you kind of know.
  6. Tessa was the lead popular girl and Armon was her boyfriend naturally a jock. You are not exited to see them Tessa is not the nicest person you know. You sit near the back of the room and your teacher introduces himself as Mr. Benedict and tells the class what you are doing for the day. "First and most important thing, is there anyone here who does not yet know of your powers?"
  7. You slowly raise your hand and your cheeks grow red. Then you see you aren't the only one. You see two other people raise their hands which is surprising but what is more surprising is who raises their hand. Deven and another girl you don't know. Then Mr. Benedict asked for your names and you find out the girls name is Xyla.
  8. "This is quite a few and quite rare to get this many late bloomers in the same class." Mr. Benedict said. You turn and see Deven take a quick glance in your direction and he smiles quick. Your heart flutters, but drops as soon as Mr. Benedict passes out a small black pill to just you three and gives you strict instructions not to touch it just yet.
  9. "Class I need to prove to me that you have your powers. I will walk around the room and you will show me what you can do. The rest of you may talk among yourselfs and do not use your powers until I get to you." He walked around the room and nodded as each student did something small to prove that they had powers. When he came to both Tessa and Armon he scolded them.
  10. "You should have told me right away both of you it's just a hassle for me." Mr. Benedict said and Andes them both a black pill. *Really* you think. *So they must not have gotten their powers yet either. That's odd.* When Mr. Benedict was done checking all of the other students he announced to you and the others who haven't gotten their powers yet.
  11. "You may take you pills now, they are just to get your powers to evolve a little faster and are completely safe. We have been using this for over 150 years and nothing has ever happened." You swallow the pill and watch as the others do the same. You don't feel much different but then an odd calm sensation flows through your mind. You brush your fingers on a sheet of notebook paper and it turns into a thin piece of wood.
  12. You look around the room and Deven's piece of paper gets damp in the spot he touches, Xyla's book turns a few pages, Tessa puts her cold hands behind Armon's neck and he smiles, and Armon's math book starts to smoke a little. All of them are smiling. "Now don't get too excited you still aren't able to use your powers in the school outside of this class."
  13. Things go down hill from there.(It is not because of the pill.) Tessa screams and her whole desk is covered in ice, Armon's desk bursts in flames and he starts batting at it with his sweater, Deven gasps and water spills onto the floor, Xyla shrikes and all of her papers and her books fly around the room. That's when you notice vines crawling around your desk, so you jump and gasp.
  14. "What is going on!?" you ask, panic rising in your voice. Mr. Benedict stared at the room, but quickly recovered. "You five need to get out of here now! Go into the school woods and stay together, do not stop until you reach the river now go, out the window. NOW!" It's the only way you will be safe." You turn and look at the other who all glance back and forth at each other and you.
  15. Then you grab Xyla by the hand and help her out the window as the class is screaming. The others follow you quickly. You are the last one to go out and as you turn back to look, you see Mr. Benedict raise his hand and the whole class acts like nothing had ever happened.
  16. Deven grabs your hand and pulls you from the window then you and the rest run for the school forest and even with branches wiping in your face none of you stop until you reach the river. When all of you reach the river you stop panting and Xyla starts crying. "It will be okay..." you tell her, but you are just as worried. "What do we do now?" asked Tessa nervously. "What happened back there?"

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