How healthy are you REALLY?

Un healthiness (if that is a word... even if it is i havnt spelt it right hehe) is a big problem at the mo... what with all teh junk food and stuff. take this test to see if you are healthy... ish!!

Are you healthy or no. Please answer truthfull or at least as truthfully as you can with the answers provided coz i cant add all answers in the universe. enjoy! :) ;)

Created by: floss

  1. Do you smoke??
  2. do u eat ur 5 a day of fruit/veg??
  3. How often do u exercise?
  4. what is your bmi??
  5. how much of your day do you spend outdoors??
  6. how much sleep do u get on most nights
  7. do you moisturise your skin??
  8. any muscles that are above normal??
  9. just so u know. i am not trying to make anyone feel bad except if you are the one that says you are stupid coz that just is true ok??
  10. just so you know taht last one was just coz u have 2 put in 12 questions and i couldnt think of any more... but waht i said in it is TRUE!! ok oh yeh. also this question and the last question dont effect your mark! :)

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Quiz topic: How healthy am I REALLY?