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  • umm i didnt think i would get this but i got a 0% an i told the truth an im only 9 im so HAPPY i want to never be greedy an im willing to donate half of my hair its up to the ground so i have to take care of it an i hope that those who do not want to be greedy get a 0% an those who are greedy well not my probleme but good luck an ill see you later

    princessflore123 Jan 7 '14, 5:40PM
  • i got 9%

    Eehcnop Dec 14 '10, 4:34AM
  • You are 71% Greedy. Scary Huh?!

    Tisk-Tisk. . You could still get wee bit higher, but you could get a lot lower too! Try to stop wasting time thinking of money and go pickup litter! But don't fell to bad. We all have at least a little greed!

    ......... .................

    juju Feb 21 '09, 2:49AM
  • 1% greedy.

    Jeremjay24 Aug 1 '08, 10:52AM
  • Im 0%!!! YAY!!!

    Rofegme Jul 28 '08, 9:43PM
  • I got 24%...Your a little greedy. Not much though, but you can still improve. I suggest you talk with a 0% person, and soon, you will be 0% too!...right, like 24% is a BAD thing??? I think it's great! rofl

    ZukoAzula_DarkDragon Jul 28 '08, 8:26PM
  • 49%. teehee. good quiz.

    misskiss Jul 28 '08, 7:43PM
  • 4% greedy... No really I didn't answer the questions just to get a low score.

    Rofegme Jul 28 '08, 6:51PM
  • It was OK. I got 49% greeage. Hmm, I guess there rite, thoe.

    SkaterGurl Jul 28 '08, 4:39PM

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