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  • 90%

    I'm slightly confused, Hermione passed all of her OWLs but she didn't get an Outsatnding in DADA, she still recieved an OWL, just not top marks. She didn't take muggle studies but I clicked that, thinking maybe you meant which didn't she receive an OWL in (she didn't take it so couldn't receive an OWL) but checking the answers, you didn't. I think that is my only critism!

  • 50%
    You are 50% harry potter fan! 50%

    Woop! You are close my friend, very close, read the books a bit more and study every last detail as those will fix the cracks in your knowledge! Oculus Repairo!

    lol i just picked random answers and i have never read any of the books. i have watched some movies but that was long ago and all i remember is runing through walls at train stations and white owls. i still think it's a nice quiz :)

  • 100% oh yeah!! I took this with my BFF we read the series in kindergarten! @vulturemonem Hermione does not get Outstanding in D.A.D.A. Harry did.

    Beatle Obsessed
  • @Beatle Obsessed I know, that's what I mean.


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