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  • I used to have germ OCD and it was horrible. I’d shower 6+ times a day

    Oneonta Sep 22 '18, 5:17AM
  • You aren't a germaphobe, but you're not dirty either. This is a good balance, be proud! This means you are aware of what is gross but you don't let it take over your life, the little stuff doesn't bother you.


    BonJovi17 Jan 14 '18, 2:28PM
  • 76% germaphobe but the most important question which wasn't in the quiz would be about other people being sick. Sick people spread lots of germs.

    Mimz Jul 3 '16, 5:35AM
  • I got 67% germaphobic which is not accurate for me because I am Germaphobe Girl and even have a blog about it at [no urls] I think that I am probably somewhere around 90% or higher for a germaphobe and that the quiz didn't calculate this because of the questions asked and also the answer choices.

    Germaphobegirl Jun 16 '15, 2:52PM
  • 0% germaphobic. But then I knew that anyway. I got dirty a lot as a little kid and as an adult I worked at jobs that required that I get dirty. I figure that I have a better immune system for it. After all if you're hardly ever exposed to germs, it's difficult to build immunity. Works for me! ;-}


    Arriba Jan 18 '15, 11:33PM
  • Oops... typing too fast from my mobile device. I meant "according to your quiz"... I really enjoyed it. Great questions ;)

    Tosha Jul 18 '13, 12:18AM
  • I am 79% germaphobic accordung to your quiz...Can you correct the spelling at the end in your results? (Definately) should be spelled "Definitely"...(atl east your clean)... should be "at least you're clean..." Sharing :) Thanks!

    Tosha Jul 18 '13, 12:15AM
  • That was funny! I'm relieved to know I'm only 34% germaphobic! Thanks, Q!

    jennyI Dec 29 '12, 6:48PM

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