How geeky are you? (I'm not)

What are nerds? Nerds like homework. They are anti-social. They are the teachers pet. They keep earning "Most Likely To Succeed" in yearbooks. They wear glasses. They wear braces. But are YOU one?

I know I AM not one, but I wear glasses. There are a LOT of nerds in the world. They are sometimes wannabes or posers sometimes. Do you have the right to be called a nerd? Or are you lick-clean of nerdiness? Find out here!

Created by: NachozVsCupcakes

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  1. Do you wear glasses? Not the cute kind the nerdy kind.
  2. Do you wear braces?
  3. Do you wear the "out" clothes? i.e. really baggy sweat pants raised up to the bellybutton, white shirts with bowtie, plaid.
  4. Do you like homework?
  5. What do they label you as?
  6. Which book describes you more?
  7. Do you like the teacher?
  8. Do you stammer a lot?
  9. How many friends do you have?
  10. Are you in the gifted program?

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Quiz topic: How geeky am I? (I'm not)