Does He Really Like You???

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You see him over there with his friends- his beautiful smile, gorgeous hair. He looks over at you- for 2 seconds. You're dying to know what he's thinking. Well, you know what you're thinking at least. --OR--

You see him over at that table of nerds with his taped glasses and ugly plaid pants. You almost regret taking this quiz for the fear it will come out 100% and you'll have to deny his offer to that movie, remembering earlier how he caught you looking at him and made a fool out of himself smiling and waving at you. Just remember, kindness is an easy letdown and he'll keep coming bat, but a bit of harshness will keep him away.

Created by: Piper

  1. How much older than you is he?
  2. Does he live near you or not?
  3. Do you suddenly see him a lot of places you go that he normally wouldn't?
  4. When he talks to you, how does he stand?
  5. When he talks to you, how does he act?
  6. How do his friends act around you or when they see you?
  7. How does he act around you when he's with his friends?
  8. Did he ask you for your number?
  9. Has he ever touched you?
  10. Has he ever touched you? (This one also counts)
  11. Does he notice the small things about you, like a necklace or a small trim?
  12. Does he remember your special dates like your birthday?
  13. Has he ever gotten you something?
  14. Say it's his birthday and you got him a gift. You give it to him in front of all his friends- how does he respond?
  15. You like one type of music and he likes another. He knows that you don't like his kind of music and you know he doesn't like yours, but on your way home from a date you turn his music on when he tells you to choose whatever station you want. He raises his eyebrow and:
  16. It's your birthday tomorrow and he asks you want you want. You tell him that he doesn't need to get you anything, but if he really wanted to, he could get you a million dollars, you joke. The next day you open a package revealing:
  17. How often does he text/call you?
  18. Has he ever started a rumor about you?
  19. If yes for the last question, what kind of rumor was it?
  20. Does he ever make you uncomfortable?
  21. Does he ever make you uncomfortable? (Also counts)
  22. Do you ever catch him looking places you shouldn't?

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