How friendless are you?

Many people have been through the heartbreak of losing friends and not having many, while other enjoy their lives with so many. So take this quiz and see if you need help with this. Don’t worry I’ve been through this more than I can say I have.

So if you need help at the end of the quiz I’ll have some advice for you if you need it ok. But either way the results turn out I’m here for you no matter what. So feel free to ask for some help ok.

Created by: Craykid

  1. Do you have any friends
  2. Do you ever get invited to anything of there’s
  3. At school do you sit alone or with other people
  4. How do you feel when you have no friends and see other dudes with their friends
  5. How do you feel when you are with your friends
  6. When you are with your friends do you feel like you’re part of the crew
  7. Do you ever wish you could feel happy all the times and have so many friends instead of feeling so lonely
  8. How would you say you feel most days
  9. Does most people hate your or love you
  10. Do you wish that you could be happy more often and live life better

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Quiz topic: How friendless am I?