Mayah the Garden Fairy

This is a quiz about a garden fairy named Mayah. She lives on the mainland. She is good friends with Rosetta. Mayah lives through a tragedy when one of her closest friends gets her wings torn off.

Are you like Mayah? If you led her life, which paths would you choose? Or are you like one of Mayah's friends? Only this quiz will tell. I hope you like this quiz!

Created by: Mayah's (Human) Friend

  1. Mayah is a garden fairy. When her best friend, Lulu, is hurt by humans, she flees to a deserted island. Is that a wise choice?
  2. Eventually, Mayah flies to a human's home, where she is caught. The human is very kind. She even builds Mayah a house! Should Mayah trust this human?
  3. All of Mayah's friends called her May. What is your nickname?
  4. Mayah is lonely. Then she gets a surprise. Two new fairies have come to the human's home! Would you become friends?
  5. Soon, it is spring. The humans dig in their garden, and with the fairies' help, they make a house. Would you live in it?
  6. Any guesses on the fairies' names?
  7. One of the humans doesn't like Mayah. As a prank, the human grabs Mayah and puts her on a windowsill. Then, the human sprinkles dirt around Mayah, and says that Mayah pooped! Would you like that?
  8. The next day, it looks like rain. Is that good or bad?
  9. Mayah wears a pink flower petal for her dress. What would you wear if you were a fairy?
  10. Finally, what talent would you rather be out of these six?

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