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  • 84%...gotta love that, compared to some of those scores...been here 63yrs..guess I'll have to brush up on stupid bands and where Petty was from??

    wings 747 Feb 29 '12, 1:05AM
  • 35%!!! I've lived in Florida my entire life!!! You wouldn't know the answers to half these questions unless you read some guide book for tourists! I bet the person who wrote this quiz doesn't even LIVE in Florida!!!

    Skylar1231 Feb 28 '12, 9:50PM
  • this is dumb. 57 %? how are floridians supposed to know about bands we don't even listen to? or spanish? i lived here my whole life,, not just moved here. it seems like you made the quiz for yourself on what you know. lame

    chelseaoliver Dec 12 '11, 3:39PM
  • Oh, for the people asking about the Spanish question, the two largest (?) counties, Miami-Dade and Broward, are mainly Spanish speaking. In fact, you can't get a job if you don't know Spanish. Not knowing English is totally fine though. The crazy old ladies here are amazing... XD

    Huhnet Dec 5 '11, 4:28PM
  • What the crap?! ive been here my entire life, ive only ever left florida ONCE in my entire life.and i was only gone for a week. SO WHY THE HECK DID I GET 67%?!?!?!?!

    tomatosniffer Nov 29 '11, 6:39PM
  • WHAT!I WAS IN FLORIDA FOR 9 YEARS!oh yeah and i am 9.

    Josawesum Sep 3 '11, 12:52PM
  • Miami native, score: 86% Seems like a fair quiz, I'm a little surprised at all the low score.

    CaneFan Aug 16 '11, 3:03AM
  • I was born here; i am a Florida Cracker and yet i got 53%! Im the third of my generation born in Florida! Fix the quiz up to more accurate endings. Otherwise, decent quiz. Oh and what was up with the Spanish question!? I need say no more than this.

    Radar123 Jul 25 '11, 12:04PM
  • hmmm 74% really??? I lived here all my life and my family goes back like 5+ generations here. But I don't know much about the bigger cities and South Florida too much. Oh well. Florida Cracker for life!!!

    countrygrlFL Jul 15 '11, 12:28AM
  • Uh... 33%?! I was born in Conneticut and moved to Florida when I was around 1. Im 9. almost 10 yrs. old. And this is what i get...? D:

    Shaymin Jul 11 '11, 9:57AM
  • I'm pretty sure that UNF is a Florida University. University of North Florida, located in Jacksonville.

    Tarora Jul 6 '11, 12:15AM
  • I've lived here all my life (14 years) and have been everywhere and done everything! Why the 63? Because I'm 14. I don't know all the area codes or speak spanish, But does that make me any less Floridian?

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhyeah Jun 17 '11, 8:19PM
  • Hmmm, I've lived in newjersey/newyork and Ohio for nine years, I've lived in Florida for 5 years so far... Yet I got a 53%??

    Doitsu6620 Jun 10 '11, 8:55AM
  • 46%

    -I've lived here since I was 10 and yet I failed miserably lol. That goes to show I never pay attention in class or to my surroundings. XD

    merry_nightmare May 29 '11, 6:23PM
  • 39?
    I've been here for about 9 yrs ok,vacations more like 7 and a half,but still!

    CharmedChick Mar 3 '11, 8:08PM
  • how did I get 38 if I live here?!

    X_Katey_X Feb 23 '11, 11:03PM
  • my phone number starts with 813

    dog20 Apr 7 '10, 10:34PM
  • 49?!!!!!!!!!!!! i live here

    enchanted7 Dec 23 '09, 7:18PM

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