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  • Guess this quiz was written by someone born after 1980 who lives in coastal area. Some of us are older and grew up in the center of the state... Bet you don't know what a cracker is and the fact that Polk County use to produce more citrus than the whole state of CA....

    Guinness May 30 '13, 7:57PM
  • Perfect test if you're, like...maybe sixteen. Totally inapplicable for real adults.

    vs1 May 12 '13, 8:44AM
  • I would like to say this is completely inaccurate. Just because you live in Florida doesn't mean that you only go clubbing, party, and are mean to tourists..... I certainly don't, and I've lived on the gulf coast my entire life.

    auina2010 Apr 20 '13, 7:17PM
  • I've lived in Florida for 20 years and all I got was a 42. Are Floridian's only a Floridian when they go clubbing, surfing, or being a beach baby? This test is an inaccurate test.

    Criscosa Apr 10 '13, 5:17PM
  • This is so inaccurate. I've lived here all of my life!!!!!!

    ha_im_a_cat Mar 15 '13, 9:24PM
  • "You Are 66% Floridian"

    IVE LIVED HERE ALL MY LIFE -_-.. i still dont like 85 decree weither. and i dont go to clubs ftw wtf -_-.

    giatheemogirl Mar 15 '13, 2:51AM
  • Worst quiz ever. Native Floridian and only got 62%. I've been to clubs and I've been to the beach but not in the last year so there were no answers for me. Had to leave them blank. Poor design, numbnuts. I suppose since I appreciate the money tourists bring and wouldn't be mean to them I lost points for that too.

    crackrasscrackr Feb 17 '13, 1:36PM
  • This sucks

    Becca23 Feb 9 '13, 10:20AM
  • this mad know sense ive been in florida for my whole life and imma only 58% of a floridian. BULL s---!!!!!!!!! i know what every city in Orange, Levy, Citrus, Marion, ST. Johns, Seminole, Volusia county is!! So!!!

    lexi hearts Dec 19 '12, 12:46PM
  • 66%?! Are you kindling me?! I took this because I lived here my whole life and I get this?!?!?! I DISLIKE THIS QUIZ VERY MUCH!

    LadyRainicorn Dec 17 '12, 11:08PM
  • Florida is my home state. I was born in Florida. Florida is my favorite state. I know a lot about Florida. AND I GOT A 53%! I HATE THIS QUIZ!!

    JohnnySteven Oct 18 '12, 6:54PM
  • I've lived in Florida, on all Coasts, for over 30 years and you say I'm new to the state? Who's Chad and does he even live in Florida?

    msbnitski Oct 11 '12, 11:14AM
  • well excuse me! you say I am 73% floridian, live here for 2 years! I was born here and I'm older than 20! Not even close to accurate...

    tinayardia Aug 15 '12, 9:09AM
  • umm im 13 and ive lived here my whole freaking life and i got 61%???
    woww some of these arent even real questions. like the spanish one and what i know is that theres not very big waves in florida so i cant ever surf!

    dmc0811 Aug 14 '12, 2:44PM
  • I agree with most comments. I have lived here 46years and I got 64. I don't surf and don't speak Spanish fluently so dumb. I also don't surf or know about the Rock Bands. But I can tell you about Florida History etc. Dumb quiz. I moved here when I was 11.

    jackles Aug 9 '12, 9:57AM
  • this is kinda a dumb quiz... ive lived here my whole life, and im 28 yrs old.. i got 66% and i STILL do know which band is or isnt from dads side fo the family has been here for more generations than i can count.

    MamaTia Jun 27 '12, 6:59PM
  • Born in Jacksonville, raised in Gainesville, graduated from UF. Love to walk the beach, but not surf, inland can get pretty hilly (rolling countryside). Only lived outside of FL for 1 1/2 years when first married over 45 years ago. Not many Spanish speakers in our part of town. Hurricanes don't come near here very often (last full blown was in 1964 - Dora). 62% Floridian? I don't think so. Try 100%!

    JB Butterfly Jun 18 '12, 11:07AM
  • Not everyone in Florida lives right by the beach. I was born and raised about as far from a beach as you can get in Florida. I still got a 75% though. I think the Florida University question might really be asking which of the university is not a public university in Florida, but then again I don't know if I got that one "correct"

    KTBear112 Jun 13 '12, 8:24PM
  • 45%??!!I'm 12, iv'e lived in Florida my entire life, I live within half a mile from the beach and just because i suck at surfing, CANT learn spanish, and haven't been through more than 5 hurricanes(we haven had any for eight years) doesnt mean that i'm not a Floridian!!!!
    P.S. We had to evacuate for charlie and katrina!! most people don't actually stay through hurricanes!!!!

    Johanna242 Jun 12 '12, 1:29AM
  • this quiz is NOT supposed to be: how much do you know ABOUT Florida but what people expected was HOW FLORIDA ARE YOU? Fail quiz. >.

    florida123 Mar 16 '12, 5:35PM
  • I retook this quiz, and I got 37%!!!!!! Ive lived in Fl my whole life, has the author of this quiz even been to florida?!?! Just because. I don't surf, live at the beach, or purposely give in correct directions to snowbirds, does NOT mean that I don't live here! This is by FAR the WORST quiz I have taken at this website!

    Skylar1231 Mar 12 '12, 11:05PM
  • I was born and raised in Florida and have never left the state before and I got 64%. Plus I didn't answer the question about the Universities because they are all Universities in Florida and it asked which one wasn't one. This quiz is stupid.

    chantellie1012 Feb 29 '12, 3:18PM

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