How Evil Are You?

So think your evil? Well no one knows until now. This is a quiz where you find out how evil you are. If you want to know. You don't have to take this quiz if you don't want to.

So just how wicked are your wicked ways? Put your plans to destroy the world on hold for a moment, and we'll evaluate your evilness. Seriously we would.

Created by: Tatiana of Insomniatic
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  1. You just accidentally broke the foot of your sister's antique doll. You:
  2. If you suddenly inherit enough money to build or buy your dream home. What would it be:
  3. At the grocery store, you look down the freezer aisle just as a stranger slips on a wet spot and falls down hard. You:
  4. How many enemies do you have?
  5. When you're plotting revenge on someone, how do you feel inside?
  6. If you find a magic ring on the street that turns you invisible, the first thing you'll do is:
  7. If someone put you in charge of babysitting a two year old for the day, you'd make it your personal mission to teach him/her:
  8. If you're watching a horror movie with a friend who's extremely scared of horror movies, you'll probably:
  9. A friend calls you, very upset, because someone hacked into one of his/her online profiles. Now it's full of offensive photos and vile insults. You think:
  10. If a friend confides in you about an embarrassing crush, you'll probably:

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Quiz topic: How Evil am I?