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  • Ah yes, every single result is quite insulting unless you happen to pick the clearly obvious European answers.

    I am American, I did get the American result. No, I will not get off my computer and do some running. Some of us actually happen to be fit! I know, it's shocking.

  • how european are you?
    Your Result: sorry, you're asian

    What else can I say? You don't dress very well and you are not cool, but at least you are probably not fat. Sorry about your tiny thingy. Does this explanation need to be longer or what??? Go and build me a computer.

    Physch i'm a poor european from a ghetto and i'm mixed raced meditarenean and nordic ha!

  • European, which I am. But why does being mistaken as gay qualify as an inconvenience? I wish ppl would think I'm gay, as it would then probably be easier to talk about the fact that I have a crush on some1 my own gender(I'm not, I'm bi... But no1 knows cuz I'm scared to tell any1)

  • I'm European? It does make sense even though I'm an American. I enjoy European culture more than American.

    Beatle s ftw.

  • It said i'm European but actually i'm American


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