How do you really feel about people in general?

People have all sorts of mixed emotions about people, but how do we really feel about them? There is hate there is love, are they funny. Are they dumb? Lets see how you really feel about people by taking this quick quiz on how you feel about people, on a more fun, introspective point of view.

Do you love people, or do you hate people. Do you not know exactly? For this prestigious, philosophical, ruminate question. You have to reveal your true feelings on people, which is were this quiz comes in, it's a comical, serious quiz that will only reveal your true feelings about people on a more novel innocuous, conspicuous level.

Created by: Hammerman

  1. How do you really feel about people in general?
  2. How do people make you feel
  3. When someone bumps into you in the mall and they are like, "ugh excuse you walk much" you're like.
  4. You're in school and you got a new outfit, people judge you.they judge you until you can't take it, you're crying, how do you feel?
  5. You watch you're favorite youtube video of all time, and you can't explain how much you love it, but people are making snide, disrespectful mean comments, you're like
  6. You get a good grade on a report, Oh you are so proud of yourself, however your peers bring you down, and say arrogant stuck up brat, or wow, or show off, or proud of you I guess? , you get what I mean.
  7. Do you like being around other people?
  8. What is your reaction when you go to a place, and there are a lot of people.
  9. When you're offered to go to a concert, but you know concerts range from 200 to millions of people, you're like.
  10. You're thoughts on kids

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Quiz topic: How do I really feel about people in general?