How do you live your life?

Do you worry what people think of you so you dont do what you really want to do? Or do you life live doing what you want? Maybe I cant help you discover if you need to loosen up or if you enjoy life to the fulest.

Whats life if your not willing to pull your pants down and slide on the ice? I have noticed that to many people worry about how they will be seen in other peoples eyes but you've just got to do what makes you happy. Happiness maybe be only a public fart away.

Created by: Kristi
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  1. With out a threat to your job if you could you would dye your hair:
  2. You dress:
  3. When your in public and hear your favorite song you:
  4. You tend to
  5. Your friends invite you to a party, you lose sight of them at the door:
  6. Percings
  7. Your shopping with friends and see something you think is so cute and a must have and your friends say its ugly:
  8. Someone cant stand something about you so you:
  9. Your music choices include
  10. People try to predict your actions so you

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Quiz topic: How do I live my life?